Frequently Asked Questions

Examples of safety related defects:

  • Steering components that may fail suddenly, causing loss of vehicle control
  • Problems with fuel system components that may cause vehicle fires
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) systems that activate when not required resulting in a loss of vehicle control
  • Wiring problems that may lead to a fire or a sudden loss of lighting
  • Air bags that deploy when they should not
  • Child restraints / Car Seats with defective harness systems, buckles or components
  • Improperly designed or constructed tires that may fail unexpectedly
  • Critical vehicle components that may fail causing loss of vehicle control, or injury to people inside or outside the vehicle

Examples of NON-safety related defects:

  • Quality of paint or cosmetic blemishes
  • Engine or other power train operational problems
  • Squeaks, rattles and noises that indicate prior warning to the operator prior to component failure
  • Non-structural or body panel rust
  • Air conditioners and radios that do not operate properly
  • Air bags that DO NOT deploy in low severity non-injury collisions
  • Ordinary wear of equipment that has to be inspected, maintained and replaced periodically by the consumer. Such equipment includes shock absorbers, batteries, brake pads and shoes, and exhaust systems.